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DATELINE: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, August 2, 1999

   Dr. John Purcell was awarded one of Vexillology's most prestigious awards, the Whitney, here at the 18th International Congress of Vexillology and the 33rd North American Vexillological Association convention. John a retired professor of Spanish at Cleveland State University is only the fourth person to receive the award. The award is named for Dr. Whitney Smith of the Flag Research Center, it is a statue modeled after the Emmy, holding up a star with V-shaped arms. It is awarded to the person who makes an outstanding contribution to North American vexillology, and only when there is a worthy recipient.

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Here he is pictured receiving the award from NAVA President David Martucci.  
Photo by Janet Martucci,  NAVA 1999

  John has a lifelong interest in flags and is very active in vexillology.  He is a past President of NAVA (1981-1983);  past Corresponding Secretary of NAVA (1974-1976);  past Nominating Committee Chair (1996-1997);  Publications Chair (1995-present); and past convention host (1975). He is also the current Vice-president of the Great Waters Association of Vexillology; co-editor of Flagwaver, A Journal of Vexillology; and on the editorial board of Raven, NAVA's annual journal.

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