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June 2010                                                  Vol. XV,  No. 1, Issue 29


GWAV Member Designs NAVA 44 Flag

Bill Belanich, GWAV member and past secretary, is the designer of the NAVA 44 flag.  His explanation of the design's symbolism is as follows:

“The design of the flag is inspired by that of the flag of the City of Los Angeles in which the 44th meeting of the North American Vexillological Association will take place.  As with the Los Angeles flag, the fly is red while the hoist is green with the two areas separated by a serrated gold stripe.  This angular gold stripe calls to mind the letter 'V' for vexillology.  The meaning of the colors is also  reflective of the Los Angeles city flag as described by the office of the Los Angeles City Clerk:



“'The red represents the vineyards, the golden yellow depicts the orange groves, and the green symbolizes the olive trees.  The colors of the flag are also found in the flags of Spain and Mexico, whose past was very important in the early history of Los Angeles.'

“The stylized gold design in the hoist consists of…two stylized 4s which are upright and mirror each other, indicating that this is the 44th annual meeting of NAVA.”  The 4s also suggest angels' wings, recalling the city's name.  Mr. John Karp of Minden, Nevada, receives Honorable Mention for his design depicting angels to suggest the city's name.  © (JP)

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