NAVA 34, 2000 

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 Lansing, Michigan

October, 2000


Flag was designed by member John Purcell. The white V in the center of the red M symbolizes "Vexillology in Michigan." Adding the remainder of the white to provide a second M gives us the Roman numeral MM for "in the year 2000." The blue field recalls the blue field of Michigan's flag. The design is suggestive of both the NAVA and GWAV flags, and the colors are also found in the Canadian and US flags.


   Annual meeting of NAVA held October 6-8, 2000 in Lansing, Michigan, at The Kellogg Center on the Michigan State University campus. The first ever in Michigan. There was a tour of the State Capital and a trip to the Michigan Historical Society to see their large and recently preserved collection of Civil War and other historical flags.




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