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1991 - 2000

    The first Great Waters flag, designed by John  M. Purcell, was  adopted in 1991 as a result of a contest among the membership. The blue field of the flag suggests the blue of the waters of the Great Lakes and the Ohio River for which GWAV is named. The stripes, one for each of the states that make up the region of membership, are alternately red and white (from the top) and symbolize the first letter of Vexillology. Proportions are 3 x 5'.   


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    The second and current Great Waters flag was adopted at the May, 2000 meeting. An additional white stripe was added for the state of Illinois, which became a member state at this meeting. It was decided by a vote of the members to add the white stripe at the top to separate the red and blue and make the design more heraldically correct. No stripe is representative of a particular state. The colors are the same as the U.S. flag. Proportions are 3 x 5'.


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