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NAVA 29, 1995 





(meeting actually held across the river in Covington, Kentucky)


Flag Designed by Secundino Fernandez

His description is:

   The background of this flag is formed by the basic forms and colors of the flag of the City of Cincinnati. The white stands for purity with the wavy blue lines standing for the Ohio River. Superimposed is a large red V derived from the NAVA flag. Within the triangle formed by the V is a red letter C which stands for the City of Cincinnati as is depicted on the flag of the city.


wpe25304.gif (49945 bytes)City flags of Ohio .


wpe67708.gif (52281 bytes)City flags of  Ohio display.


wpe81865.gif (41051 bytes)NAVA 29 flag about to be presented


OfficersNAVA29.jpg (43385 bytes) NAVA officers 1995

Nick Artimovich, Gus Traccia, Mary Anne Doctor-Smith, Kin Spain, Peter Edwards.

OpeningNAVA29.jpg (72219 bytes) Presentation of Flags


Flag image (NAVA 29) NAVA 1995

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